Yin Yang Chinese Astrology

Yin and Yang are cold and hot; soft and hard; wet and dry. Too hot or too cold are not comfortable to human.  If a person was born in the hot summer daytime, then the person's internal body is too hot and dry. The person will have better health, better mood, better energy and better luck during the winter time. This is the Yin Yang Balance theory for Chinese astrology.


Yin and Yang are everywhere from sky download to the ground. All animal have female and male. Plants have small and tall. Sky has moon and sun. Time has night and day. Weather has winter and summer. The seasons between winter and summer are names spring and fall.

Ancient Chinese groups the nature objects into five categories - Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth, which are also called Five Elements. Each Element also distinguished by Yin and Yang. For example, Tall tree is Yang Wood and grass is Yin Wood. Chinese astrology uses Yin Yang Five Element relationships to predict people's personality, wealth, health, fame, love and career using the people birthday and time.