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The California Geological Survey (CGS) released a preliminary map of a section of the Hollywood fault in January, 2014. The state may make adjustments to the final map, to be released later, after hearing appeals from building owners. Since the map is not official yet, our California fault Zones page doesn't not include the Hollywood fault. We digitalize the preliminary map of Hollywood fault, so people can find the distance to Hollywood fault zone from a property address.

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Note: The light-brown area is the 2014 preliminary Hollywood fault zone. The brown lines inside the fault zone are the fault lines. To find the other California fault zones, please click the California fault Zones link.

The Natural Hazard Disclosure (NHD) Report is a required report for selling Real Estate property in California. The NHD report reveals the property is inside or outside the Flood, Fire, Earthquake, Landslide, Liquefaction, Inundation, Airport Noise, Radon, Methane, Tsunami, etc. area. All these factors impact people's safety, people's health, the cost of home insurance and the value of the property.

Another Environmental Disclosure Report reveals the property how close to the pollution, contamination, toxic or radiation sites. You should request this report when you buy your next home. And make sure that you can read the NHD and Environmental reports before the escrow day.

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