Many companies just need some simple GIS applications. They don't need to host a GIS or Map servers. Google provides free Google Map and Google Earth for companies to solve the budget of GIS application development. The following are Google Map sample applications.

Google Map

This is California Earthquake Fault Zones Search Page. California Department of Conservation publishes the Earthquake Fault Zone Maps in the Internet. But most of people have difficulty to read those maps., a California Natural Hazard Disclosure Company, provides us a simple California Earthquake Fault Zones Map for Google Map application. If you are living in California, you can find the distance from your house to fault zone.

California Earthquake Fault Zones Search

iPhone Web Apps are designed to make Internet pages to fit into the screens of all generation 3 and newer mobile smart phones. such as Apple iPhone, Google Android, HTC, and BlackBerry smart phones.

The sample iPhone Apps for are

Cell Phone

The Chinese Baby Gender Pregnancy Calendar Chart of Ching Dynasty was published in Taiwanese newspapers in 1972. The Chart can predict baby gender before pregnancy using Chinese woman age and the conception month. They said the Gender Prediction Chart has very astounding accurate rate for Chinese women at that time. The baby gender prediction chart becomes quite popular on the Internet since 1999. To use the chart is required a tool to calculate Chinese Age and Chinese Lunar Month. The Chinese Lunar Calendar is quite complicate, we provides a Chinese Lunar Calendar conversion tool to help people to using the Baby Gender Prediction Chart.

Chinese Baby Gender Prediction

2017 is the Year of the Chicken. 2017 Chinese New Year Date is on January 28, 2017 in China's time zone. In Chinese astrology calendar, 2017 is 34th Stem-Branch in the cycle and is Red Fire Chicken Year. Chinese New Year is the biggest event in Chinese world. Chinese celebrate Chinese New Year for 15 days from Chinese New Year Day until Chinese Lantern Festival.

Chinese New Year

Yin Yang Mania World is the extended pages for the article of Where does the Yin Yang Symbol come from? in It contains all related information about Yin Yang from decoration, art works, movies, medicine, food, martial arts and astrology.

Yin Yang Eyes

Dragon is the most favorite animal in China. There are nine dragons engraved on the wall and ground in the Forbidden City in Beijing, the imperial palace of Ching Dynasty. The yellow imperial robes are weaved with nine dragons. Therefore, 9 must mean something special in China. Nine (9) represents Heaven (Sky) in Chinese I-Ching. Dragon is the animal to represent the Heaven. Therefore, Chinese invented the Dragon has 9 sons.

Chinese 9 Dragons

Master Tsai's Chinese Five Element Astrology is the Ba-Zi Fortunetelling also known as Four Pillars of Destiny, which is a required knowledge for all Chinese professional fortunetellers. His Chinese astrology was launched in1999. Now, the essence of Chinese Horoscopes has moved to

The new version Chinese astrology of The Rise and Fall Life Chart has been enhanced.

Master Tsai Chinese Astrology